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Digital Oscilloscopes

Digital Oscilloscope Introduction


Digital oscilloscope, an essential electronic equipment for R&D, manufacture and maintenance, is used by electronic engineers to observe various kinds of analog and digital signals. RIGOL digital oscilloscopes with exceptional performance and reasonable prices are an excellent option to meet your various measurement requirements while at the same time save your budget.
RIGOL which introduces 5 generations of oscilloscopes in 12 years, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of digital oscilloscope in China and has made many breakthroughs in the domestic industry: the earliest 300 MHz BW desk-top oscilloscope, the first digital oscilloscope with 2 GSa/s maximum sample rate and 2000 wfms/s waveform capture rate, the first oscilloscope with 1M internal memory as well as the first oscilloscope with 1 GHz BW, 5 GSa/s maximum sample rate, 180,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate and 140 M memory depth. What’s more, RIGOL has developed several series of oscilloscopes (including DS1000E, DS1000D, DS1000CA, DS1000B,MSO/DS1000Z, MSO/DS2000A ,MSO/DS4000 and DS6000) to meet different customer needs and to improve the testing efficiency.



Series BW Max. Sample rate Max. Memory Depth Max. Waveform Capture rate Channels

DS6000 Series
600MHz,1GHz 5GSa/s 140Mpts 180,000 wfms/s 2 or 4

MSO/DS4000 Series
100MHz,200MHz,350MHz,500MHz Analog channel :4GSa/s
Digital channel :1GSa/s(MSO)
Analog channel :140Mpts
Digital channel :28Mpts(MSO)
Analog channel :110,000 wfms/s
Digital channel :85,000wfms/s(MSO)
2 or 4,16digital channel (MSO)

MSO/DS2000A Series
70MHz,100MHz,200MHz,300MHz Analog channel :2GSa/s
Digital channel :1GSa/s(MSO)
Analog channel :56Mpts
Digital channel :28Mpts(MSO)
50,000 wfms/s 2

MSO/DS1000Z Plus Series
50MHz,70MHz,100MHz Analog channel :1GSa/s
Digital channel :1GSa/s(MSO)
Analog channel :24Mpts
Digital channel :24Mpts(MSO)
30,000 wfms/s 4 analog channels, 16 digital channels (for MSO1000Z and MSO)

70MHz~200MHz 2 GSa/s 16Kpts 4

50MHz,100MHz 1GSa/s(Analog),200MSa/s(LA) 1Mpts -- 2+16(LA)

50MHz,100MHz 1GSa/s 1Mpts -- 2