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Waveform Generators

Waveform Generators Introduction



RIGOL Function / Arbitrary Waveform generator adopts the latest Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis technology (DDS) to generate accurate and stable regular waveforms (such as sine waves and square waves) as well as Analog and Digital modulation signals. What’s more, the generator also provides arbitrary waveform function which allows engineers to generate any desired waveforms either using the UltraWave arbitrary waveform editing software or using the oscilloscope to capture the actual signal and then downloading it to the generator. The digital sampling technology and the Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis technology enable engineers to generate any desired waveform for circuit verification design.

Since 2006, RIGOL has introduced DG1000, DG2000, DG3000 and DG5000 series Function / Arbitrary Waveform generators with 350MHz maximum frequency, 1 GSa/s sample rate, maximum 128M points waveform and LCD display. These features make RIGOL generators excellent circuit debug tools for engineers.


Series Max.Output Frequency Max,Sample rate Vertical Resolution Max. Arb Memory Depth Channels

DG5000 Series
70MHz,100MHz,250Mhz,350MHz 1GSa/s 14 bits 128Mpts 1 or 2

DG4000 Series
60MHz,100MHz,160Mhz 500MSa/s 14 bits 16K points 2

DG3000 Series
60MHz,100MHz,120MHz 300MSa/s 14 bits 512kpts 1

40MHz 100MSa/s 14 bits 512kpts 1

DG1000 Series
25MHz 100MSa/s 14 bits 4 kpts 2